About Us

Mazi Iguwo Ukwu Foundation, a Nigerian Non-Profit Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) was inaugurated on 03) December, 1996, and registered under the Company and Allied Matters Decree (Reg. No. 10217 of 15 May, 1997) by the Corporate Affairs Commission of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The Foundation is established with the following main objectives:

1. To advance Social, Political, Economic, Technological, Regional and Environmental Development in Nigeria, through research, training, management services, extension services and development projects as well as through seminars, workshops and publications and by any other appropriate means;

2. To contribute to the improvement of Public Management in Nigeria through policy research and development, manpower training, institutional capacity building, and any other appropriate and effective means;

3. To promote and support the role of individuals, Local Communities and non-governmental Organizations in the development process;

4. To contribute to the understanding and improvement of the International Political and Economic Order through research and dialogue; and

5. To establish and maintain links with organizations and establishments who are in a position to enhance the possibilities of achieving the objectives of the foundation.