Centre for Development Research, Management and Training (CEDREMAT)

The Centre for Development Research, Management and Training is the main research, consultancy and training agency of the Ukwu Foundation. It is essentially a development research organization concerned with essentially a development research-based organization concerned with the identification, investigation and solution of the many problems of Nigerian national development, the Foundation has put in place a long-term programme of research and documentation.

As part of this programme it has established a Data Bank on Nigerian Development and seeks not only to collect, collate and analyse data on relevant themes from every available source but also to liase and cooperate with other agencies and organizations towards the emergence of a viable development information base and network for Nigeria.

The Centre has carried out consultancy services for many international and national institutions including The World Bank, UNDP, UNICEF, DFID, ECOWAS, Federal Ministry of Finance, Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, National Planning Commission

Its research and consultancy services have concentrated on the following areas:

Public Financial Management
Rural and Community Development
Regional Development

The Centre operates an Infotech Resource Business Centre at the Foundation's headquarters at 7 Igboeze Street, Independence Layout, Enugu.

Arrangements are being made to institute a monthly Development Forum.