Centre for Rural Empowerment and Development (CREAD)

Conceived in 2007, the Centre for Rural Empowerment and Development is an agency dedicated to the empowerment of rural communities and institutions, the promotion of community-driven development and the eradication of rural poverty.

The centre will study the problems of resource mobilization and utilization at local government and community levels, promote self-reliant and sustainable rural development, and enhance the capacity of states and local governments and community=based organizations to manage rural development.

It will work with relevant communities and stakeholders to develop the appropriate institutions, strategies and modalities for need-driven, participatory and integrated rural development.

The centre is located in Ugwueke, Bende Local Government of Abia State. The first phase of the CREAD project, the construction of the central office complex and facilities,, is nearing completion. The initial operations will include pilot surveys of

selected rural communities, and training programmes for local government staff and officials of community development organizations (CBOs). The empowerment needs of target groups, such as unemployed youth, rural women, small-scale farmers and SMEs in specific communities will be investigated and appropriate measures determined and promoted.