Partnering for Growth and Transformation in Nigeria: The Challenge of NEPAD

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May I on behalf of NEPAD NIGERIA congratulate the Nigerian Economic Summit Group on attaining the landmark age of ten. Through its focused and effective involvement in national economic development, the NESG has established itself as an acknowledged leader of the Private Sector, a powerful, informed and responsible voice in the determination, a keen eye in the observation and evaluation of national policy and programmes, and a committed and effective protagonist in the national struggle for growth and transformation.

NEPAD is centrally involved in this struggle, and since the establishment of the NEPAD NIGERIA office we have been closely associated with the NESG as a strategic partner. We are proud of this relationship, which has proved very challenging and productive in the barely two years of its existence, and has indicated the potential for great achievements in the years to come. This presentation is intended to contribute to the continuing dialogue on how best we can work together to realise that potential.

There is now considerable awareness of NEPA among the informed general public. But although many people know about and approve of its aims and objectives, very few people know what exactly it is and how it operates. We find that this has created problems for programme management, in particular with regard to the role assignment and co-ordination arrangements between the NEPAD organisation and the operational partners. Now that we are fully operationalising our partnership, I would like to begin my presentation by reminding you of what NEPAD is, its objectives, priorities and operational modalities.

I shall then brief you more specifically on NEPAD NIGERA, who we are and what we have done so far, and then discuss in more specific detail how we are organised to work with our development partners, with particular attention, of course, to our relationships with NESG. I hope that this will stimulate further discussion at this summit on how best to realise the noble objectives of our joint venture.